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iFund Lab is a one-stop destination for tech entrepreneurs, start-ups, and nonprofits looking to secure non-dilutive capital from federal funding sources such as SBIR.

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We focus on helping companies in
all technology industries 

Wind Turbines
Human-Robot Friendship
Science Lab

Artificial Intelligence & AR/VR

Biological & Agriculture Technologies

Energy & Environmental 



Semiconductors & Space

Digital Health & Biomedical Technologies

What We Offer

Application Preparation & Submission

We can help you design custom proposals that meet the exact requirements of the agency you're applying to, along with market research, budgeting, and building strategic partnerships to ensure success. We will make sure that with our help you'll be one step closer to securing the funding you need!

Proposal Review & Evaluation

We specialize in thoroughly reviewing proposals and providing constructive feedback on the structure, objectives, commercial viability, and key personnel involved, helping applicants to maximize their chances of securing funding. Furthermore, we guide in putting together the necessary documentation and navigating budgets to meet a program's specific requirements.

Strategy Sessions & Startup Programs

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a few years, we will help you understand your specific funding needs and develop a plan to secure the funding you need through the SBIR and other federal sources. We will identify gaps in your current strategy, craft your federal funding objectives, and build a roadmap to maximize your chances of success. 

NSF SBIR Phase I Course

Apply for the NSF SBIR Phase I Federal Funding Program to secure $275,000 in non-dilutive capital.

 Learn, prepare, and get qualified to submit full applications for the NSF SBIR Phase I. 


"Narine expertly guided us through the process of submitting a grant. Narine made sure we stayed on track for the many pieces and deadlines needed and offered helpful tips to strengthen our application. We couldn't have done it without her! ""

Kat Lazell

Engagement & Partnerships Manager 
Cambridge Innovation Center


GrantGeek Podcast

Join us at GrantGeek to learn everything you need to know about SBIR and other federal funding programs. From podcasts to real-world advice and strategies, we'll help you navigate federal funding programs and maximize your potential for success. Let us help you to take your venture to the next level.


Empowered by iFundLab, GrantGeek Podcast is your one-stop destination for mastering the art of federal funding! 


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